Located on its own two acre property, Countryside Montessori and Private School provides a supportive, family like atmosphere where children are guided to independence and self-reliance. The focus is on the grounding of basic skills while stimulating a child's individuality, mind and spirit.

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Pre-Casa Program 24 months - 3 1/2 years

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The Pre-Casa Program at Countryside Montessori & Private School is geared toward the stimulation of young and developing minds. The full time and part time programs offered are a modified Montessori program that introduces practical life, sensorial activities and language enrichment exercises along with an introduction to numbers, counting and music.

Primary Program 3 1/2 to 6 years

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The Primary Program at Countryside Montessori & Private School is offered at 3 full days, 5 half days, or 5 full days. This program consists of the five areas of Montessori learning where children are challenged and gain a thorough understanding of each step, laying down a foundation for all future studies.

Practical Life - During the early years in a child's life, imitation is one of the strongest urges they feel.  The practical life exercises thus allow the child to imitate various tasks such as: greeting someone with a handshake, sweeping the floor, watering a plant or folding clothes.  The aim of the practical life exercises are to foster independence ("Help me to do it by myself"), co-ordination, order, concentration, as well as to provide opportunities for social interaction through lessons in grace and courtesy.

Sensorial - Exercises in the sensorial area allow the child to explore their physical world in a sensorial rich environment.  The materials present ideas in a concrete form while laying down the foundation for mathematics.  When using the materials, the child manipulates quantities of ten, and also works with various materials related to geometry.  The child, therefore, has the opportunity to internalize many mathematical concepts even before being introduced to formal mathematics.

Language - Activities in the language area enable the child to enrich their vocabulary, and focus on reading and writing.  The sandpaper letters aid the child in the formation of letters, as well as teach the phonetic sound of each letter.

Mathematics - The main function of the mathematics materials are to establish a solid foundation with numbers and quantities.  The materials are first introduced as concrete objects, and gradually progress to the abstract thinking of mathematical concepts.

Culture - The activities developed around the culture area provide a basis  for exploration and help to develop an awareness and appreciation of our universe.  The five major fields of study in this area include:  geography, history, zoology, botany and science.

Elementary Program 6 to 14 years, Grades 1 - 8

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Countryside Montessori & Private School offers an enriched academic curriculum for Elementary Grades 1 to 8. This stage in the development a child is considered a crucial period for the acquisition of culture since there is a particular eagerness on the part of the child to understand the process behind the "why" and "how" things occur.

The small class sizes, group and individual project dynamics and social requirements, along with a full range of elementary subjects, allow the children to build and grow from their primary Montessori experience. We embrace the Ministry of Education Guidelines as a minimum for each grade and provide much enrichment beyond those standards.